China International Exhibition Center (New Hall) is located in Shunyi District, Beijing Tianzhu Industrial Park. Beijing Time Longma International Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd., as these sections only during the exhibition of advertising agency business investment and sincere for the organizers, exhibitors business services. The new State Fair outdoor advertising including an exhibition gallery at the main entrance point and the high bar, LED screen, turning on three sides, along the flag poles, fences, and Wei Dang.

  All points are located along the route have been Beijing upscale communities; is also a sponsor of the shuttle bus, as well as social vehicles to the new exhibition hall and a necessary road high exposure. Groups of corporations, in order to allow more aware of the various exhibitors, advertising will begin during the exhibition exhibit hanging, release time, longer than the extension of at least 2 days.



DM Advertising

  Our State Fair with the new co-operation of surrounding businesses, jointly launched a free comprehensive guide to information provided to the class - DM service manuals. Around the country show the new business information, services, information, etc., full-service at the exhibitors and professional visitors. A free shuttle bus from the exhibition, the airport bus to the exhibitor's hotel; from Hall log lobby, to the periphery of the hotel restaurant. Across all delivery points, densely populated areas, put the amount of each show up to 8000.

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Promotional platform for the shuttle bus

  Shuttle bus with Tiantongyuan Shaoyaoju two sites north and from the International Exhibition Center, about 30 kilometers, one-way journey time is about 40 minutes, concentrated docked at the specified registry hall, exhibition period, exhibitors and spectators are expected on the carriage million. Shuttle Buses to help spread widely across the region, driving the regional broad ways Jingcheng Airport North Line high-speed, Li Tang Road, Shunyi District, State Fair industrial park.

  Take the crowd involved in the industry sectors, in the travel time and space to achieve a certain effect of the mandatory information is conducive to promotion of brand marketing and corporate culture.

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The designated host hotel information

  Placed in designated guest rooms welcome cards, expressed his welcome and appreciation to the participants. Also pass on enterprise development trend and brand marketing messages.

  The designated host hotel cheap publicity, form novel, has a "hand-delivered in hand," the advantages of publicity is very suitable for business reflects the popularity and reputation, to customers detailed and intimate feeling.

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